Our Services

1.​Retail Shipping:

We provide shipping services to individual customers and small businesses.
We offer efficient and secure shipping services from Dubai to Iraq.

2.​Temporary Storage:

Providing temporary storage options in Dubai for goods before shipping them to Iraq.
Safe and fully monitored storage spaces are available.

3.​Customs Clearance Services to Iraq:

Comprehensive management of customs procedures to facilitate the entry of goods into Iraq.
Handling all customs documents and details with precision.

4.​Transportation Network in Iraq:

Providing ground transportation services within Iraq to ensure efficient distribution of Coordination with local transportation companies for effective logistics.

5.​Import and Redirect Service (Transit):

Offering import services from multiple sources with redirect shipments to their final destination in Iraq.

6.Full Container Shipping:

Providing full container shipping services for large Efficiently managing loading and unloading operations while ensuring compliance with security and safety standards.

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